AD-EXCELLENCE advertising & marketing. has 30+ years experience in advertising and marketing. We are based in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, at the foot of Pikes Peak.

AD-EXCELLENCE is a full service advertising agency. What that means to you, is that we offer the convenience of a one-stop shop for all of your advertising, marketing, public relations needs. You have the convenience of working with one company not having to hire many companies to accomplish our company goals.


Mission Statement


Ad-Excellence is an advertising agency providing businesses, organizations, corporations and ministries with multiple services all in one company. We serve both commercial and non-profit organizations with strategic marketing plans. Ad-Excellence offers you a full-range of effective media services that make the most of your media investment. You are unique in what purpose that God has called you to do. You have a life-changing message and you want to make the most of every means available to share it. That’s why Ad-Excellence positions you for success by first identifying and defining your uniqueness. Then we work together with you in developing a carefully crafted marketing strategy that empowers you to achieve the greatest possible impact…




The Hebrew Word for Excellence

The literal translation of Yateer is – ‘the mountain or island that juts out above the rest’.  What an apt description for what striving for excellence does for you – it causes you to rise up above all the rest.There are certain characteristics possessed by those God uses to transform the market place.


7 Core Values



We commit ourselves to excellence in creative of visual, video, audio production.


We continue to position ourselves as industry experts with a commitment always to learn and stretch ourselves professionally. We will adapt to the ever-changing marketplace and technology.


We implement and maintain systems to track results that justify our services.


We commit ourselves to responsibly use and distribute the resources entrusted to us by God and our partners, for the benefit of both the organizations we partner with as well as Ad-Excellence.


We commit to serve, seeking the best interest and long term goals of our partners above all other consideration.


We rely on God’s wisdom, grace, mercy and guidance in every area.


We will find joy in what we do and those we do it with giving glory to God regardless of any success or failure.



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